Why Choose Hill Creek?

Why Choose Hill Creek Veterinary Hospital?

We hope that you will consider Hill Creek Veterinary Hospital for your pet’s veterinary care. We know you have many options for care in the area so we’d like to share some of the benefits to our care as well as procedural information so that you can make an informed decision about the right fit for you.

Staff training and expertise:

why-choose-hillcreekOur professional staff is comprised of 3 veterinarians and 2 licensed veterinary technicians. Licensed or Registered veterinary technicians are professionals who have attended a veterinary technology program and who must attend regular continuing education programs to keep their knowldege and training up to date. Having a registered technician elevates the standards of care in any hospital as they have in-depth training that covers full coursework in physiology, pathology, parasitology, anesthesiology, anatomy, and more. In our practice only LVTs are allowed to assist with anesthesia or dental procedures and they and the veterinarians are ultimately responsible for patient care and recordkeeping.

In addition to our licensed professional staff we also have 4 assistants and 3 receptionists to assist us and to assist you, all with extensive animal care backgrounds.

Individualized care options:

Our goal is to provide your pet with the highest and most informed level of care that we can. If we aren’t able to provide it we are happy to refer you to someone who can. However, we also aim to tailor care to our individual patient and client. An animal’s age, environment, overall health status, and temperament, as well as client’s financial situation, and philosophical preferences are all taken into consideration as we formulate a realistic diagnostic and treatment plan for your pet. This is true for everything from vaccination schedules to surgical procedures to complex disease treatments. We welcome questions and input into this process.

Compassionate care:

A visit to the vet can be very stressful for both the patient and their people, and we want to do everything we can to lower that stress level as much as possible during the visit. Our doctors will often take extra time with nervous pets, and sometimes recommend more than one visit to accomplish everything that needs to be done to avoid a single very stressful experience. We may also recommend sedation if we feel that the stress of handling for a procedure or an exam is either excessively stressful for the animal or potentially dangerous for the humans involved. Sometimes we may recommend that we handle or examine your pet outside of the exam room. We will do this if we determine that the animal is more relaxed outside of the room. If needed we will also discuss with you ways that we can manage stress prior to or during the visits in the future.

Pain management:

Our doctors are very committed to managing pain appropriately and safely, whether it be pain during/after a surgical procedure, pain due to an injury or illness, or chronic discomfort such as osteoarthritis. We are members of the International Veterinary Academy of Pain Management and aim to keep up with the most recent findings in the field of pain management for your pets.

Alternative and adjunctive medical modalities:

We have recently hired a doctor who is in training for Veterinary Acupuncture and we are thrilled to be able to offer acupuncture starting in Spring of 2015. We also work closely with area practitioners in the areas of alternative and holistic medicine. If you have an interest in alternative treatments please let the veterinarian or one of our staff know and we’ll be happy to discuss this with you.

Online scheduling and store:

Schedule an appointment, leave a message for a veterinarian or staff member, and order your pet’s food or medication from the convenience of your own home. Your Pet Portal is accessible through our website and provides you with secure information about all your pets, including vaccination dates and reminders. The online store is a retail pet store and pharmacy!


  • The care shown to my family and our beloved elderly dog was above and beyond expectations. I couldn't have asked for a better staff to care for us.

    Katie Chastain
  • Hill Creek Vet. and their wonderful, patient staff is beyond awesome.

    Gail Pederson
  • Hill Creek Vets and staff are awesome! They have always taken great care of our three dogs. I would recommend them without reservation.

    Melinda Goodwin
  • They treated our fur baby great! We were kept updated and advised of our pet's progress and instructed well for her healing after her treatment!

    Margaret Kirkman
  • We love Dr. Cindy. She truly cares about her patients and I don't know what we would do without her taking care of our Abby!

    Dena Graham
  • Wonderful, caring group of professionals. My first visit and will continue to take my dog there. She is in great hands. Five star treatment.

    Ellen Roby
  • I have been bringing my fur babies here since 2002. They are so compassionate....like family.

    Roberta Cole
  • Very nice people who obviously love animals. They make even scared animals feel comfortable.

    Debbie White Miller