Animal Grooming in Pittsboro

Leah_Meager_GroomerHill Creek Veterinary Hospital’s certified pet groomer, Leah Meager, is an expert in pet makeovers. Leah can groom all dog breeds, specific to their size and shape. She is also well-versed in shave downs, puppy trims, and summer cuts for the warmer months. Your pets will be well-kept with Leah’s preciseness in bathing, de-matting, and trimming unwanted pet hairs in hard to reach places. She is skilled in cat grooming, as well. If you are interested in booking an appointment with her, then our doctors and technicians can safely sedate the feline for grooming. Leah is available at Hill Creek on Wednesdays, and prices vary based on the cut and size of your animal. For more information on our pet grooming services, contact us today at (919) 542-1141.